Welcome to the new site!

Back in 2006 we were just a couple of fans who stumbled across "Bad Girls" and thought we'd show our appreciation for Mandana Jones by making a website for her. ('MandanaFC' was the original name because 1. MandanaJones was taken at the time, and 2. We're big footie fans!) Twelve (!!!) years and several new templates along the way (this is our sixth!), we're still here, bringing you all that we can when it comes to Ms. Jones. Of course, that being said, this is never going to be an "everything" site. We've got a nice amount of stuff to be sure, but the internet (and fan sites) have changed so much in a decade. Today, Google does most of the work for a fan! So while you'll get some hard-to-find things here, we're not going to bog you down with everything. We hope we've found a balance! Whether you're a new visitor, or a long-time supporter, be sure to let us know what you think.

-February- NEWS updated.

"I think there's order in disorder."
"What are numbers and what are people to tell you that you are behaving with integrity?"

Looking for Mandana's agent contact info. If you know it, drop us a line at the address on the right. :) We'll put it here when we find out!

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